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TEMPUS IV and Bilateral Cooperation

Development of Business Training in Montenegro (’DEBUT-M’)

ID number: 158675-TEMPUS-1-2009-1-HU-TEMPUS-JPHES


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.



Summary of the project:

The DEBUT-M project is primarily an upgrading project for company experts and within it targets three main directions: commerce and marketing, tourism management and EU project management. The project is 2 years long, and the total budget of 492,200 € from it the own cash contribution is 46,000 €. The consortium is headed by University of Debrecen, responsible not just for the whole project, but also for training Courses 1 and 3. Budapest Business School is responsible for training Course 2. The other two EU partners: Wageningen University and Scottish Agricultural College are primarily responsible for training Course 1 within the framework of the International MBA Network and also the quality control of the other training programmes. The University Mediterranean is responsible for local coordination tasks in Montenegro, including the University of Montenegro staff and Chamber of Economy of Montenegro. The Chamber is primarily responsible for the cooperation with Montenegrin companies who will send their experts for upgrading courses for the above mentioned three training directions. The final outcome is three main training courses for the company experts which can be accreditated by the Montenegrin government accreditation bodies and internationally by the International MBA Network and this guarantees the long-term sustainability of the trainings. These trainings at the same times serve as upgrading courses for university staff members, as well, and in addition to it they will strengthen the long-term relationship between academia and the Montenegrin business.


Outputs and Outcomes:

1. Training Preparation

2. Training Course 1: Commerce and Marketing

3. Training Course 2: Tourism Management

4. Training Course 3: EU Project Management

5. Dissemination

6. Sustainability

7. Quality Control and Monitoring

8. Management of the Project




University of Debrecen

138 Böszörményi u. H-4032 Debrecen

Mr. László Kárpáti

Tel: +36 52 508429




Co-beneficiaries, partners:

Budapest Business School

Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism

9-11. Alkotmány u. H-1054 Budapest

Mrs. Krisztina Zimányi

Tel: +36 1 3746200




Chamber of Economy of Montenegro

29/2 ul. Novaka Miloseva ME-81000 Podgorica

Mr. Mladen Perazic

Tel: +382 20 673444




Ministry of Tourism and Environment Protection

46 Rimski trg ME-81000 Podgorica

Mrs. Goranka Lazovic

Tel: +382 20 482366




Scottish Agricultural College

West Mains Road UK-EH9 3JG Edinburgh

Mr. David McKenzie

Tel: +44 131 5354293




University Mediterranean Podgorica

Vaka Durovica bb, ME-81000 Podgorica

Mrs. Milena Djekic

Tel: +382 20 409230




University of Montenegro

Dzordza Vasingtona bb ME-81000 Podgorica

Mrs. Mira Vukcevic

Tel: +382 20 241777




Wageningen University

P.O. Bos: 8130 NL-6700 EW Wageningen

Mr. W.J.M. Heijman

Tel: +31 317 483450





Staff costs: 127.200 Euro

Travel and subsistence costs: 166.000 Euro

Equipment costs: 67.000 Euro

Printing and publishing costs: 19.200 Euro

Other costs: 16.800 Euro

Eligible direct costs: 396.200 Euro

Indirect costs: 27.734 Euro

Total eligible costs: 423.934 Euro

Tempus grant: 384.314 Euro

Co-financing: 39.620 Euro


Budget of Budapest Business School

Total eligible costs: 44.354 Euro

TEMPUS grant: 39.354 Euro

Co-financing: 5.000 Euro


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