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Login to Neptun, Coospace and Modulo
Login to Neptun, Coospace and Modulo

Dear Students,


 We would like to give you guidance on how to access the IT systems at Budapest Business School (BBS).


The Username is your Neptun code and it is the same for all three systems (Neptun, CooSpace, Modulo). The Password is, however, different.

1. You can log onto  the Neptun system with your Neptun-code (enter this code in the top message box) and the following password: your date of birth (year, month, day) without spaces (e.g. 19950129) (enter this number in the lower message box). After the first login, please change this password using the My Account/Options menu. If you forget your password, you can ask for help at the International Office or the Information Technology Unit.

2. You can log onto CooSpace and Modulo with your Neptun-code and the following password: Bgf and the 8 digits of your date of birth without spaces (e.g. Bgf19950129). If you forget your password you can ask for help at the following link:  A message will be sent to the e-mail address given in the Neptun-system. If you want to change your password for these two programmes, you can do so on this website by  typing in your Neptun-code/User name and e-mail address.

NB: You cannot change your Neptun code


Systems and intranet services

1. Login to computers in the computer rooms, classrooms and community areas of the Institution

2. Access to documents on Coospace and Modulo

3. WIFI network connection (You can change your network password on one of the computers used by students on the Institution’s premises or on the home page of Modulo by clicking on the Change password button.



Neptun log in for students

Neptun log in for lecturers



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